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Floating Action: Heartache Essentials 

No matter the time there is never a wrong one for a Floating Action album to flutter down from nowhere!! Heartache Essentials is an essential album to have if you’ve been keeping up with Floating Action / Seth over the albums and collaborations to date. I  promise these won’t stay around long so don’t let it fly by so to speak. Pro Bono (down below) is a song I would say sums the thing up. Paraphrasing here a bit from FA Bandcamp; striving for musical purity by stepping back to focus on the love that is life and music instead of the hit everyone seems to vie for in musical ventures- From words to music, Seth has a way of putting things together that take shape in a subtle way. Even after years of listening there are things that suddenly stand out and harmonize in way that put you there in the thick of it. I can tell you about those and how great I think this album is. Or I could say to you that you’d be cutting yourself short of an experience by not having this on vinyl. Someone recently reminded me that opinions are like elbows- or something like that- and you probably have two as well.

Keeping pace with time and following his music along the path I feel his discography is something to dig into if you’re not familiar. If you are, I am wasting my words here because you more than likely feel similar


Stray note: With-out a rant on why, the variant for this has changed gears- It is what it is as they say

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Bunnie Standard Art

Bunnie: Silver In The Air 

An outfit of musicians from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that has since went in different directions. Along the way these guys have been doing some great things as independent musicians and sitting in on other recordings and so on. Silver In The Air has a little bit of everything to offer in the good ways music does that.

Originally released on limited cassette and may be found on bandcamp for a listen . A wee bit folksy / psychedelic and right up my ally- more info coming soon. I’m just getting this rodeo started.

Colin Holloway, Vocalist for Needle Points (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) has been making some great music over the last years that you should check out…Bunnie- featuring members of Needle Points and others found on (Needlove Records)- is the precursor and a solid piece of work. Pairing with Scott McMicken of Dr. Dog and the likes of in his musical ventures and caring a sound of their own this will not take but a minute to get on board if you are a fan of smooth psychedelic surf rock with a country twang! This makes me happy- I fucking love this album.

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GRAVES: Easy Not Easy

Hailing from 2006 with style is Greg Olins Easy Not Easy originally released on Hush Records. This record starts with NO/Where and continues to unfold like origami in a breezy bildungsroman kinda way and are some of those cool, calm and collective things all of us Graves fans have come to love, love, love and why I am singing more than half the songs before they make it ’round the table, usually flipping the thing back over for a repeat. Olins entire discography is this way and this is the process for me when I’ve found that hidden gem! Don’t believe me and think I am just trying to sell you a record? Put my claim to scientific test, lower the stylus to the evergreen groove, turn it up a bit and sit back and let me know if I’m wrong


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SM Wolf Original Art

S.M. WOLF: Bad Ocean 

Indianapolis, IN based band S.M. Wolf guided by front man Adam Gross is a power-pop sound with lyrics that resonate trying times in this full release Bad Ocean. The fuzzy sound they self described is ever so present throughout the album and reminds me of waves of sound crashing on the shore….in this case the floor of my listening space.

“So I decided to ride it out…with waves crashing” were the lyrics from the third song on this ride of unexpected twists and turns that happen to inspire that tidbit-  I could go on about this album and highlight some things I find awesome about the band and methods of recording…blasé blasé…but why do that when you can just give it a listen?

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Do I gotta type that twice^^  Australian based band making waves felt in the US-  Promising 5 Albums to the fans in 2017, the forth, Polygondwanaland was given to the public with encouragement to start your own record label or support those bringing the album to physical mediums… over 200 independent version exist and this is one of them.

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Floating Action recordings are the studio fruits brought to life by one man, Seth Kauffman, of the North Carolina mountains.

Well cultured, Kauffman weaves this into his sound and delivers the point with well cultivated releases like his debut album Ting of 2005 and the follow up Research in (2008). Adopting the moniker “Floating Action” in 2009 and releasing the self titled album, Kauffman armed to the groove with his multi-talents as a musician continues to make impressions upon the industry in various ways...I have even read blurbs where he has been referred to as “the Harry Nilsson of our generation”.

Fast-forwarding to 2017 and through eight exquisite albums of growth bringing us to Is It Exquisite? the ninth stunning release in a stacked discography- fans of Floating Action/Seth Kauffman will not be left short-handed and new-combers will be enlightened, most likely finding themselves on an easter-egg-hunt of sorts getting up to speed with his works. Link yourself to his Facebook  (@floatingaction) to stay up-to-date on touring info and all other related good stuff. Here is one of the jams featured on Is It Exquisite?

Symbiotically working with a number of well-respected artist such as; Angel Olsen, Dr. Dog, Richard Swift, Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys), Jim James (My Morning Jacket), Kauffman has earned his keep as a well respected virtuoso in the industry amongst musicians as well as fans.

“…he’s the most underrated person in music right now and nobody knows about him. And it’s weird….” – Jim James of My Mourning Jacket- Rolling Stone

“Rather than the rote nostalgia such sonic touchstones often yield, Kauffman’s songs hum with the vibrancy of both true believer and radical alchemist.”

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American Monoxide Web Content Original



American Monoxide… Where to start with such a diverse artist. I suppose Dr.Dog would be the subtle approach for the new-comber doing the research. Those of you new to American Monoxide here is the break down: Dimitri Manos is the brain behind these DIY home recordings. Manos genius will captivate those with open ears as no song is really the same…this applies to the debut album In Flight Mode as well as this follow up. Recording with a number of bands I can’t get enough of; Golden Boots (LABRYYYTH), Bradford Trojan,  Krab Legz, Dr. Dog as mentioned and the general musical population of Tucson AZ…

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