Floating Action: “Is It Exquisite?


Floating Action recordings are the studio fruits brought to life by one man, Seth Kauffman, of the North Carolina mountains.

Well cultured, Kauffman weaves this into his sound and delivers the point with well cultivated releases like his debut album Ting of 2005 and the follow up Research in (2008). Adopting the moniker “Floating Action” in 2009 and releasing the self titled album,  Kauffman armed to the groove with his multi-talents as a musician continues to make impressions upon the industry in various ways. I have even read blurbs where he has been referred to as “the Harry Nilsson of our generation”.

Fast-forwarding to 2017 and through five exquisite albums of growth brings us to Is It Exquisite?  –the eighth stunning release in a stacked discography-  fans of Floating Action/Seth Kauffman will not be left short-handed and new-combers will be enlightened and most likely find themselves on an easter-egg-hunt of sorts getting up to speed with his works. Link yourself to his Facebook  (@floatingaction) to stay up-to-date on touring info and all other related good stuff. Here is one of the jams featured on Is It Exquisite?

Symbiotically working with a number of well-respected artist such as; Angel Olsen, Dr. Dog, Richard Swift, Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys), Jim James (My Morning Jacket), Kauffman has earned his keep as a well respected virtuoso in the industry.

“…he’s the most underrated person in music right now and nobody knows about him. And it’s weird….”  Jim James of My Mourning Jacket- Rolling Stone


“Rather than the rote nostalgia such sonic touchstones often yield, Kauffman’s songs hum with the vibrancy of both true believer and radical alchemist.”   “Will a larger audience ever catch up? Who knows. For now, and again, the lucky ones are just floating along in Kauffman’s idyllic future past. Come, join us.”

JOHN SCHACHT- blurtone.com

http://blurtonline.com/feature/yes-exquisite-floating-action/   for the full article



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Shagged and bagged, the Zine-quisit features Dean’s design and art in a Risograph lyric zine package the color of a beautifully burnt NC sunset. Adorn with Seth’s hand written lyrics this zine package become so precious we needed to toss some cotton in for the safety of the vinyl/art. Don’t forget to tell us your size and order promptly to assure you get the threads and not your significant other by default- just joshing, don’t leave her/him out- order two!

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