Graves ‘Easy, Not Easy’

graves resized   Hailing from 2006 with style is Greg Olin’s fourth studio release under the Graves moniker comes Easy Not Easy, a beautifully blended album holding little back in ways of delicious under tones, metaphors and melodic swaying throughout the breezy 14 tracks that all us Graves fans have come to love love love- that happen naturally

Highlighting No Where, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Val K, And In My Doorway, Death Left A Message to be tracks I’m singing before they even make way  ’round the table. Olin’s entire discography is this way…so you will not have a problem getting your fix if this is an introduction. Unfortunately, for me, I wasn’t lucky enough to stumble on his groovy-ass tunes until around 2008 or 09. Seven years is a long time to miss out on tunes that rightfully find their way in your regular cycle of things- at least thats how I feel when I find a diamond. Want to test the hardness of this gem? Put the needle to the evergreen grain…sit down, turn it up a little and tell me I’m wrong-

i p p  records

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