American Monoxide: “Web Content”



This is an on going project from last year- transitions, set backs, and refunds and here we are again. I refuse to sell this release until my vision of it is complete.

American Monoxide... Where to start with such a diverse artist. I suppose Dr.Dog would be the subtle approach for the new-comber doing the research. Those of you new to American Monoxide here is the break down: Dimitri Manos is the brain behind these DIY home recordings. Manos genius will captivate those with open ears as no song is really the same…this applies to the debut album In Flight Mode as well as this follow up. Recording with a number of bands I can’t get enough of; Golden Boots (LABRYYYTH), Bradford Trojan,  Krab Legz, Dr. Dog as mentioned and the general musical population of Tuscan AZ…


Whats been created with this release is unique for certain. Here is a bit I took from a review-american-monoxide-web-content-private-browser over at 50thirdand3rd…

(This is a CPU generated image of what this is to look like midway of the hack- note BLUE appearing lettering are lyrics highlighted- these are not visible until completion and binary will fade away)

“The album sleeve looks like a retro computer, and the sleeves like floppy disc. It perfectly plays up on web aspect of the album title, but it doesn’t stop there! Enclosed in the packaging is a paper airplane that houses the project’s credits as well as make-shift instructions on how to ‘hack’ the five mysterious, transparent sheets that also come along with the album.The transparent sheets look like a jumbled mess of random markings and what looks like binary code but by following the instructions, the pages must be stacked on top of each other like a puzzle to reveal an article of original artwork. If this wasn’t cryptic enough for you, when the transparent sheets are exposed to UV light for a short period of time then stacked properly, the binary code disappears and reveals the final part of the hack!Each of the Private Browser variants include all the related articles for the hack, random colored vinyl, and album cover silk-screened by hand, making no two releases alike! Upping the ante is the fact there’s less than 50 of this particular variant being produced, making it an extremely collectible release….”

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